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In harmony with mother nature

A group of volunteer hikers will journey between four locations that are called Aðalvík, Hesteyri, Hornvík and Hlöðuvík, with a specially designed cinema venue between the 16th - 24th of July and premiere films that touch on nature, environmental and wildlife topics.

The team behind HFF are passionate eco-activists that believe Hornstrandir is a great place to capture people's attention with powerful stories, that can bring about a positive change in people's environmental mindset. 

Although the cinema venue is hard to reach and only very few guests can attend, it's not the magnitude of guests we are after, it's about the very few that will be there and their commitment to make an eco change in their lives. 

For people that would like to experience the HFF venue, they  can do so in the comfort of their homes on the 12th of September 2023, by signing up on the guest list, where all documentaries and short films will be available, plus interviews and images from the festival in Hornstrandir.

The setting of the venue will be simple, in harmony with mother nature and will leave no trace of human presence, only unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Each festival location can only take maximum 30 guests and they have to meet the criteria of being experienced hikers and being able to travel on their own terms to the film festival locations.

2024 submissions

We are on the hunt for films with nature, environmental issues or wildlife themes only.

We welcome different formats like; short films, documentaries, adventure films, animation and narrative fiction. The agenda is to celebrate the blue marble we live on and also highlight the challenges we face in maintaining a habitable planet.

Kindly note that we only have room for 6 documentaries in full length and 4 shorter format films. Films with a strong environmental or wildlife message are more likely to be accepted.

To understand the location of Hornstrandir better, we recommend reading this article:

Screenshot 2023-04-29 at 11.29.22.png



Days 16 - 18 July

Location: The old school house in Aðalvík

Screenshot 2023-04-29 at 11.29.31.png



Days:  18 - 20 July

Location: The old school house in Hetseyri

Screenshot 2023-04-29 at 11.29.39.png



Days: 20 - 22 July

Location: Borea Adventures Base Camp 

Screenshot 2023-04-29 at 11.29.48.png



Days: 22 - 24 July

Location: Búðabær in Hlöðuvík 

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