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Hornstrandir Film Festival 

HORNSTRANDIR Film Festival THE MOST REMOTE FILM FESTIVAL ON THE PLANET is a unique festival experience that blends cinematic exploration with physical endeavor. Unlike typical film festivals, attendees must traverse rugged landscapes and encounter the wilderness to partake in the screenings. This unique format provides an opportunity for filmmakers and audience members to bond over a shared appreciation for the great outdoors while delving into the world of independent cinema. Prepare for an unforgettable journey that marries artistry with adventure.

HFF24 submitting info

14 - 22 July 2024

We are on the hunt for filmmakers to join our pilgrim journey with documentaries that cover climate, environmental, wildlife or health issues to premiere at next year's HORNSTRANDIR Film festival, the most remote festival in the world.

The festival only accepts 4-5 films each year and paves the way for the filmmaker to journey across Hornstrandir with his/ her film over mountains, crossing rivers and valleys screening in locations that are mind blowing.

Here are some facts for HFF 2024 submissions:

  • Deadline for this year's submissions is March 2024.

  • We aim to present this year's selections at the end of May.

  • Only 4-5 full featured films (max 80 min) 

  • The films submitted cannot be older than 2 years from premiere day, not available online and not been premiered in Iceland before.

  • Our themes are Climate, Nature, Wildlife or Health related topics.

  • We are on the hunt for stories that are thought provoking and make us rethink our behavior towards our most valuable resources. Stories that can make a change, capture people's attention and most importantly bring about a positive change in people's Climate, environmental, wildlife and Health mindset.

  • We are looking for films and filmmakers that are on a quest to educate, advocate and make a difference with their storytelling. 

  • We accept all languages if subtitles are in english


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